Canvassing for Herb (and others)

Thank you for volunteering to Canvass for Herb and the other Democratic Candidates.  We are doing something a little different and experimental.  We are canvassing for three races not 1.  In other words, we are asking voters questions about two elections and three potential races.  The questions we be asking are:

Will you vote for Herb Robinson or Joe Kennedy in the primary?
Will you vote for Herb Robinson or Sean Bielat in the general election?
Will you vote for Joe Kennedy or Sean Bielat in the general election?
Will you vote for Elizabeth Warren or Scott Brown in he general election?

We are doing this so we make the most efficient use of your time.  Herb believes your time is important, too.  One spends so much time walking between doors when canvassing that one should gets as much information as possible when we get a live voter.

We will be having canvassing events throughout the district; however, you don't have to come to those, you can canvass any time.  Supplies will be available at the coordinated campaign offices and everyone doing canvassing will be given a VoteBuilder account so they can enter the results of the canvass:  You just need a web browser; so, if you are reading this, you can do it!

Please sign up here in advance so we can get you set up to go right away.  Also, please read the Canvassing in Hot Weather page.

When we process your sign-up, we will give you a VoteBuilder account using the e-mail you signed up with.  Once the account is established, we will either assign your canvass directly to your smart device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device) or e-mail you a PDF with your canvass -- you can print it out and re-organize it in advance..

Than all you need to do is pick up campaign literature at the event or the coordinated campaign office near you, do the canvass and enter your results.  The Herb Robinson campaign cannot distribute other campaign's literature (FEC rules); however, as volunteers, you can give out any other candidate's literature.  The Herb Robinson campaign has no objection to you doing that (even Joe's literature).

Using Smart Devices

Download the "MiniVAN" application the same way you get other apps (i.e., from iTunes or Google).  When you log in to VoteBuilder (, any walk lists we have set up for you will appear in the application.  If you don't have a VoteBuilder login associated with the Herb Robinson campaign, you may need to "Enter a List Number".  The list number is at bottom of the PDF file for the walk list.  When you are done with canvass, you must "Sync" the list with VoteBuilder.  You only need to be logged in or have network access to get new lists and to "Sync".

Using Paper

Print out your walk list and take it with you.  When you are done, log in to VoteBuilder and enter the results as follows:  [This information will be coming soon.]  If you aren't successful, you can return the walk list to the coordinated campaign office or mail it to 116 Carver Rd, Newton, MA 02461.

Coordinated campaign offices stocked with Herb's literature:

458 Newtonville Ave
Newton (will be stocked by Sat, July 24th)