Why am I doing this?

Why am I running for the US House of Representatives?


There are several reasons.

  1. Four years ago, I became fed up with Congress' inability to stop the Iraq war and switch to Green energy; so, I decided to become directly involved in politics.
  2. The Fukushima Daiichi disaster reminded me just how long I have been advising my elected officials about how dangerous nuclear power is -- And how long I have been ignored.  It seems that elected officials from both parties give more credence to paid lobbyists from the nuclear power industry than a qualified engineer with no vested interest (other than wanting to see my nieces, nephews and their descendants survive).
  3. I believe the country is facing a crisis.  We desperately need leadership committed to solving the crisis, not blaming the problem on the other party while they do nothing.  And in the rather astounding circumstances where tea party politicians are selling the country out for political gain, we need leadership that is willing to stop whining about them and play hard ball.
  4. Somebody has to do it and I have always been the kind of person to jump into a void when a job really needs doing.